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Located in downtown Rockville, Maryland across from the Montgomery County Circuit Court, Hecht & Associates is a boutique family law firm protecting and counseling its clients on issues of divorce, custody, and matters of financial support.  From comprehensive Marital Settlement Agreements to divorce and custody litigation at the highest level, involving forensic custody evaluations and business appraisals, the trust that we have built with our clients and the legal community, has driven our success for decades across the State of Maryland.

Hecht & Associates

Philosophy & Approach

Understanding real-world implications of dissolving a marriage, and ensuring that our clients feel a level of trust and safety while embarking on a challenging process, are the principles that are most important to us.  Formulating a partnership that involves the right level of guidance, experience, and attention to detail, is the cornerstone of our representation.  While we strive to dissolve every marriage outside the courtroom by way of agreement, there are times and circumstances that require an aggressive and experienced trial attorney, especially when dealing with issues such as children, property, and the financial future of either spouse.  The approach that we take with every client, and to their individual needs, is what has set our law firm apart within the family law community.

Given the highly sensitive nature of family law, the partnerships that we have developed and maintained with our family law peers and the judges has been an invaluable asset to the firm, and, more importantly, to our clients.  Above all, we provide real insight and guidance to the challenges faced by clients going through the divorce process in a way that they can thrive and succeed following divorce.

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