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How a Lawyer Can Speed Up a Maryland Divorce

When marriage doesn’t last forever, coming to a legal parting of the ways can be stressful. Divorce is often an emotionally charged process with many complications and  compromises involved. A Maryland divorce lawyer can help to speed up the process, making it less stressful and ensuring the best possible outcome for his client. Whether or not children are involved in the marriage often has a big impact on the focus of the negotiations and agreements.

The most important aspect of divorce for couples who do not have children or whose children are grown usually involves the division of assets and expenses. Another common focus is the payment or receipt of alimony. It is often easier for couples to talk lawyer-to-lawyer than person-to-person. It is also faster to have a legal professional involved who knows what paperwork has to be filed where and when.

For couples with children, custody is quite frequently a hotly contested issue. While both parents are usually looking out for the best interests of the children, it is common for each parent to believe that they are what’s best for the children. A Maryland custody lawyer can help to settle the issues of where the children will live, how visitation will work and the particulars of child support more quickly than if the parent was going through the divorce without legal representation.

The divorce lawyers at Hecht & Associates are well-versed in Maryland family law. If you are going through the difficult process of divorce or a child custody battle, they can help you to understand how the marital assets are divided and what you are legally entitled to under Maryland law. They can also help you understand what the Court believes makes a good custodial parent, and how child custody and visitation work through the Maryland legal system.

Since a divorce lawyer understands what the requirements and procedures are, these matters can be resolved more quickly, often before reaching the battle stage in court. Learn more about Spencer Hecht and the attorneys of Hecht & Associates who are experienced in handling divorce cases along with other family law matters today.