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How to Help Your Maryland Divorce Lawyer Help You

When it comes to divorce, one of the most difficult parts is dividing up the assets. Some things are considered marital property while others are not. Depending on when and how you acquired them has a large impact on whether you get to keep them or their value, whether you need to split them with your spouse or whether they will belong to your ex when the divorce is finalized. One way to sort through this confusion is to hire a family lawyer in Maryland. A family attorney who understands the Maryland rules of divorce can help to clarify the confusion about alimony, equitable distribution and many of the changes that go hand-in-hand with divorce.

When you or your spouse file for divorce, there are three very important things to remember.

 1. Fairness — The Maryland court system tries to be fair, especially when it comes to family law. While you may not think the rules are fair when something goes against your favor, they are carefully designed and the rules must be followed. Accept the rules as your Maryland family attorney explains them and make it a point to follow them.

 2. Thoroughness — Making sure that all of your assets and income are reported to your Maryland divorce attorney is very important. While you might not consider the little plot of swamp land your parents left you 20 years ago to be anything special, your soon-to-be-ex-spouse might disagree. If you leave it off the list, it could come back to haunt you. When compiling your list of finances and assets, be as thorough as possible. Make an initial list as best you can, then set it aside for a day or two. Think about it again, going through whatever paperwork and computer records are available to you. Consider real estate and time share property, stocks and bonds, checking and savings accounts, cars and boats.

 3. Honesty — Things can get very personal and uncomfortable in some divorce cases. While some of the circumstances may be difficult to discuss, it is still important to speak to your Maryland divorce lawyer about all financial issues, assets or relationships that may affect your case. If your attorney doesn’t know the details, he can’t advise you about them. This may affect your case.

 While divorce is not a pleasant journey, a Maryland divorce lawyer can help things go more smoothly. For more information about divorce attorney services provided by Hecht & Associates, contact our office.