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What Factors Go Into Maryland Child Support Calculations

When a Maryland couple with children gets a divorce, they often need the assistance of a Maryland family attorney to help them understand and iron out the details of child custody, support and visitation. Calculating and understanding which parent receives child support payments, which parent makes them and how much the payments are can be confusing. One of the most confusing parts is that all states are different. Maryland child custody laws and formulas are unique.

In Maryland, child support amounts are based on a number of factors, including how many children are involved, how much has already been paid, who has physical custody and the income amount of both parents. Other things that are taken into consideration which affect the amount of child support paid in the future are the extra expenses and care needed for children under the age of two and for those who have physical disabilities. The amount of healthcare expenses and insurance for the children are other factors.

The guidelines are not hard-and-fast rules blindly enforced by the court system. Instead, each party sets forth a parenting plan and can propose what they think is a fair solution to child support. Since the recipe for the payment amount is heavily influenced by the specific circumstances of each individual case, most parents prefer to have the advice and representation of a Maryland child support lawyer to make sure that the outcome is fair and in the best interest of the children.

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