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What Is a Deposition?

Hecht & Associates handles many different types of legal cases. Our firm’s legal counsel may serve as your Maryland or DC family lawyer. Most of these of cases are civil cases, including divorce and child custody. Other types of civil cases we cover include business and real estate cases.

In civil litigation cases, attorneys are not allowed to talk to certain witnesses without the knowledge and presence of counsel for the other side of the case. This keeps both sides from learning about secret information and surprising the other during trial. After a civil lawsuit has been filed, a formal question and answer session may be arranged between our corporate or family attorneys, opposing counsel and the various witnesses. This is called a deposition.

The witness is served a notice to appear at a certain place and time. For example, of you are involved in a Baltimore divorce suit, your Maryland divorce attorney may take the deposition of your soon-to-be-ex-spouse. The individual is required to appear. They may wish to bring their attorney for legal advice and to protect their interests. The attorney or attorneys present represent the various parties in the case. Sometimes the parties suing or being sued are also present. The lawyers can ask questions that are likely to lead to information that is relevant and important to the case. The witness is sworn under oath and must answer the appropriate questions.

The testimony given is as lawful as if it were taken in a court of law. A court reporter, or stenographer, is present at the deposition to take down all of the questions and answers as a record. It may be typed up later into a booklet and certified. The deposition testimony may be used as evidence in the case should it go to trial.