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What Types of Questions to Expect in a Maryland Divorce Case

When someone is involved in a legal battle, whether it pertains to criminal, civil or family matters, their attorney will ask for an abundant amount of information. Some of it may seem irrelevant to the matter at hand, while some of it may seem very personal. This is especially true when dealing with a Maryland divorce lawyer or a child custody attorney. However, it is the basic standard procedure for all experienced and effective lawyers.

At Hecht & Associates, we want to respect your privacy, but we also request this information for very specific reasons; it helps us to better understand your situation and represent your best interests. For example, if you are going through a divorce, we may ask you when and where you were married, how long you and your spouse have been separated and whether you have any intention of rekindling the relationship. We will also request some financial and employment information. Depending on the reasons for the divorce and separation, other issues may come up which could also require documentation or sharing of information on very personal issues.

As your Maryland child custody lawyer, we may ask a lot of detailed information about your children, such as their names and ages, who their parents are and where they presently live. As the case progresses, we may also give you a list of questions to answer under oath as presented by your spouse’s child custody attorney. In the State of Maryland, there are specific rules and guidelines that are used to help the parties determine who gets custody, who pays child support and how much. Other issues that need to be ironed out in a divorce and child custody suit include visitation and healthcare expenses.

As you go through legal battles, such as separation, divorce and child custody, you can best help your case by giving your attorney the information requested as promptly as you can. Even if you think it will hurt your case, we can work together to devise a strategy to protect your rights and work towards the best possible outcome.