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Located in downtown Rockville, Maryland across from the Montgomery County Circuit Court, Hecht & Associates is a boutique family law firm protecting and counseling its clients on issues of divorce, custody, and matters of financial support.  From comprehensive Marital Settlement Agreements to divorce and custody litigation at the highest level, involving forensic custody evaluations and business appraisals, the trust that we have built with our clients and the legal community, has driven our success for decades across the State of Maryland.

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There’s no denying that divorce is stressful, exacting an emotional toll. That’s why we know you’ll appreciate having an expert legal advocate on your side — one who knows the law and  understands the pressures you face. Hecht & Associates works on both Fault Divorce Matter and No Fault Divorce Matters.


Matters that concern the custody of children or that arise from disagreements about visitation can be highly volatile. You’ll need a strong legal partner who can inject reason and balance into the dispute while fighting for the best interests of both client and child.


In a Maryland divorce that involves a spouse that is not self-supporting, or there is a large disparity between spousal incomes, alimony or spousal support is appropriate. 

In every case that involves children, there will be a child support component.


Competent legal representation is one of the best ways to ensure that an equitable separation agreement can be reached between two parties whose relationship is strained and yet may not be deemed ready to end permanently.

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Trust, discretion and a dogged willingness to get you the results you deserve are hallmarks of Hecht & Associates. Our experience and understanding of divorce and family court law in Maryland and Washington, D.C. make us your ideal attorney during this difficult time. Our patience, caring and attention to detail set us apart.

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  • Spencer Hecht & Associates are about their business!!! I highly recommend this firm to anyone that is in need of legal family services. They are professional, responsive, and readily available to address any questions I had no matter the day or hour. I went through a painful yet unnecessary custody battle with my ex-husband and the services I was provided was worth every penny! Thank you Mr. Hecht and your team for all your help and the exceptional support you all provided.

  • I HIGHLY recommend Hecht & Associates. You will not find another law firm as supportive, knowledgeable, and sincere to represent you. These are critical components for strong representation in such sensitive matters and I felt a huge relief after meeting Mr. Hecht and am extremely happy with his service.

  • I hired Hecht & Associates for my recent custody case, and I am extremely satisfied with the results. The custody litigation process is very long and very stressful, but Jon and Spencer at the firm do a fantastic job of being professional, courteous and aggressive when needed. They are honest and upfront, and got the job done. I would HIGHLY recommend Hecht & Associates to anyone in a situation similar to the one I was in. FANTASTIC support staff as well. Best family law practice in MD.

  • Spencer Hecht is a great advocate. His energy and practicality coupled with his knowledge of family law and the court processes are invaluable. The Hecht and Associates staff is efficient while remaining personable and even kind. Spencer Hecht and his wonderful employees helped me obtain a divorce much more quickly than was possible with other representation.